My Earth

Leave your doubts behind
And follow my steps

I don’t know where I’m going
But I heard it’s safe

They said you should
leave everything behind
Just carry a compass in your pocket
the rainy nights you admired
and an adventurous heart

Because you see
we are going to a land
inhabited by nonsense
and governed by the stars

Close your eyes
I’ll take you there


She’s Complicated

I hope you

don’t choke on your words

and I hope you

have the courage to tell her

that she’s complicated

and that she

shouldn’t be ashamed of that


that’s what makes her beautiful


Paradise; Here

Around the waters of the pond

Which we choose to go to

In the midst of a faraway forest

Among all the million places we can go to

we gravitate back to that pond


Here, in this hour of darkness

where the atmosphere is

magically impassioned and silent

This is how souls entwine


Here and now, you and I

We make the full moon

look so pale


And I wonder:

How far is paradise?






This is an attempt to put into words my long observation and research about anti depressants, and it won’t be easy given that I was on them.

Brene brown, who has been researching “vulnerability” for seven years, found that the most vulnerable people are the happiest people. And she defines vulnerability as the traits you choose to hide from the world in order to be accepted. We think of vulnerability as a dark emotion; the core of fear, shame and uncertainty, so we choose not to feel it and do what is possible to numb it. What she found after her research, is that vulnerability is the birthplace of every positive emotion that we need; joy, love and empathy. It is the path of forgiveness, love, belongingness, true friendships and intimacy,

We are living in a world that is afraid of vulnerability which is why we are the most medicated in history. We usually wake up in the morning and armour up, protect ourselves from expressing who we are, and so we continue hiding, we armour up to be safe and hide our imperfections. When you look beneath the shiny armour, you would find that what we are really protecting is the heart.

Without vulnerability, there is no human connection. Vulnerability is the capacity for wholeheartedness, and you can’t reach that without the willingness to be brokenhearted, and knowing that there is nothing shameful in that.
There is nothing shameful in being afraid to lose a friend, or in the fear of being rejected.
Vulerabality is letting go of your ego in order to allow yourself to be who you really are, fully, with your dark side and your light side, and you accepting that.

Brene Brown also differentiates between weakness and vulnerability, I suggest you look into that on her Ted Talks on YouTube.

The most important thing she mentioned is: a human cannot selectively numb certain feelings while allowing other feelings to be felt, so when a person numbs depression with anti depressants, joy cannot be felt.

So if you, in a way or another, are attempting to silence anxiety, fear, depression, you are also numbing joy, love and trust.

Why are we so afraid to become vulnerable then?
As they say, the only way out is through.
Anti depressants aren’t the answer



And I glanced upwards

then I decided to

contemplate more and more

Until I couldn’t feel time moving

and it was just my eyes and the sky

so powerfully connected


Those millions of worlds above me

remind me of the significance

of us, right here, the infinitesimal

Because there is a heart right here

beating, desiring, dreaming

and things never stop happening


And then I took a deep breath

gazing at those gems in the sky



My heart was whole again



A Letter to a Compulsive Thinker

Take a deep breath

And before you exhale

I want you to understand how dangerous it is to be a part of the social illness of compulsive thinking. There’s a battle inside your head that is the past and the future, and the “now” is lost in time, which is why you think time flies. The “now” is something that your mind does not know because it never learned to stop thinking for a while- take a break. I know what it’s like, I understand.

Tell me, what are those voices you hear inside your head before you sleep?

Close your eyes, exhale, take a deep breath. The past does not concern you.

You are perfect and whole

for this minute, for now, because this is all you have now. And in it your soul speaks a language you understand, in it is your whole world.

The future is perfect, it awaits your decisions that will only be made with a clear mind when the voices are quiet and calm, and I want you to remember:

The monsters you fear are not under your bed

they are inside your head